In this post I show you what my tech stack looks like. It’s geared towards coding and computational engineering and is constantly evolving.

My System

Since 2014 I have been using Arch Linux almost exclusively. I made the full time switch to Linux when Windows 8 was becoming the default OS laptops were sold with. Not only became windows less and less usable but also more privacy-invading.

First, I ran a pretty simple setup with Cinnamon as a desktop environment but after a couple of years I wasn’t feeling that anymore. There was too little progress in the project. Well, what do you do when you get bored by your desktop environment? Correct, you only use a window manager.

After trying different things for a while I have now settled with sway. Sway is a window manager for wayland and more or less a drop-in replacement for i3 which I used before.

It’s configured in a way that works best for me at the moment. I am certainly more productive than before and can’t imagine going back to floating window managers.

This is my current setup as of mid-2023 but I am always looking to improve and change my workflows. One reason is it’s just a lot of fun but it’s also about getting more done with less.


Due to my background in engineering and computation a lot of my coding is done in C++ and Python.

I am not sure when I came across Python the first time, but I really started to get interested once people at my university were advocating for Matlab. The problem with Matlab is the price and my university didn’t give us free licenses at the time.

So, that’s how I got started with Python 2 and soon I moved on to Python 3. Most popular libraries had been ported already and the few that hadn’t soon did.

Once again, I am not sure how and why I learned C++ at some point in time. The first time I used C++ in a more professional setting was in 2017 when I started implementing test cases for a scientific computing library at my student job. From there on I became more interested in computational engineering.

Over the years I have become more proficient with C++ and its ecosystem. What I like about C++ is its versatility and its multi-paradigm approach.

Besides that I have dabbled with Rust, Haskell, Java, C# and many other languages whenever I had some time to learn new things.

I am open to do contracting as a backend software and data engineer. I like to automate processes. I like technical writing. Check out how we can work together.