This is a selection of my projects. Since most work-related projects are confidential many of the listed projects are private ones.

LMRTFY ‑ remote procedure calls without the hassle

Tech Stack: Python, Flask, MQTT, CI/CD with GitHub Actions, AWS

LMRTFY is a python library with a corresponding webservice to simplify remote procedure calls for the party deploying the procedure as well as the party calling the procedure. Available remote procedures were discoverable with a catalog‑like feature.

My responsibilities:

  • Implementation of the client‑side Python library to deploy remote procedure calls via MQTT.
  • Implementation of CI/CD with GitHub Actions.

blazeRT – a double-precision ray tracer

Tech Stack: C++, CMake, Blaze, CI with GitHub Actions

BlazeRT is a double-precision ray tracer for scientific and engineering use cases. It has been used in many different research projects to simulate electromagnetic wave propagation in different RADAR sensing applications.

Some use cases were found in space exploration projects, medical projects, and agricultural projects.

BlazeRT is written in modern C++.